THE MAESTRO! Reaction to Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Kendrick Lamar “Alright” from the album “Pimp a Butterfly”

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The first time I heard this song I felt one of my most euphoric feelings of blackness.


Nope. That’s Heady Lamar. 😂😂😂
I’m late but loving these reactions.


what do you think about racial tensions?
lee: it's rough in the city


N Dubya A


Shoutout to Terrace Martin 🎷


LOOK AT YOUUUU NOTICING THE SLAVES LIFTING KINGS ❤😂 omg I loveee both your takes on this video


yall should lissten to the whole album.


I love this reaction so much! KING KENDRICK is one of theeeee best lyricists of ALL TIME


Here after the beef! This man is a genius! You gotta listen to Meet the Grahams! 🤯🔥🔥🔥


Here after "not like us"😂


You guys should do the song stepfather Factory by EL-P


A. !!!!! N. E. W. !!!!!!! G. O. A. T


“What a shot” 😂😂😂


Just found out who you guys are because I’m a big Kendrick fan and he is the pinnacle of hip-hop and there are so many song that are filled with so much meaning and his albums tell his story. I recommend just listening to his albums. He’s a poet that makes songs


this reaction earned the sub


In this album he is always talking to Tupac.


you should listen to HUMBLE. its really good


is Jazz 👍🏿


Bit more dated, but I'd love to hear you on: Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe (Lyric Video) ft. Dr. Dre


One of the best breakdowns of a video I've seen.Great reaction.


I hope you guys react to more kendrick lamar!!


“actually I thought Kendrick Lamar sounded like a character name from Blazing Saddles” - but of course you were thinking of Hedy Lamarr. Er, I mean Hedley. Hedley Lamarr. Ah, whatever, he lived in 1863 - he’ll be able to sue her.


Why Am I only watching this today? Geeez amazing reaction‼️


I'm like you guys, lol, and I just discovered Kendrick's music. I'm obsessed.


Subscribed. Your appreciation is an art!


7:34 you caught it


A few song options if you feel;

(Recent/new song) Tyler the Creator - Sorry, not sorry
Joyner Lucas - I’m not racist
Eminem - Mockingbird
Hopsin - I’ll mind of Hopsin 7
Post Malone - I fall apart
Eminem - When I’m gone
If System of a down were from India
Lil Dicky - Pillow Talk


The songs about the police holding blackmen down killin them. Making the cops carry him they take the copcar that theyre usually locked in the back of the copcar w white cops driving them to jail. Be he says we gon be Alright hes flying above it🙏And hes saying we out number the cops we ll be Alright💯


This is the first time I've seen/heard of you guys! You're awesome! You get it! Keep it up! I love so many different genres of music and I love when other white folks (also) look deeply into rap music. I can tell you guys know what's good! (I'm guessing in ANY genre!)


Before him knowing kendrick and me starting the reaction to the song. I thought "you're in for a surprise, buddy. Who has great hair and an ok sunglasses."
And then I remembered the intro.


Delightful work gentleman, I’m so glad you got a chance to experience this. Timeless music


You should react to Sing About Me I’m Dying Of Thirst, Keisha’s Song and ADHD all by Kendrick.


Im as old as Kendrick and ik that he is the next generations legend in the world of music.


Man… you should listen to song about me I’m dying of thirst…


You guys have GOT to see the video for Kendrick's track The Heart Part 5. It's truly incredible. And the Marvin Gaye sample they use for the track is superb.


Wow you guys are so amazing. Loved the reaction


if you enjoyed this, watch his performing "Alright" with the National Symphony Orchestra. Its beautiful.


Please react to NBA Youngboy Drawing Symbols


lol, Hedley Lamar




"How Much A Dollar Cost" is amazing. Also, "Sing About Me".
I think you would enjoy both a lot


Great reaction, alright is just one faucet of the beauty that is TPAB so you guys will definitely love it. Is the guy on the left Robbie Rotten or just has a resemblence?


I’m not sure y’all are in a position to judge what ‘real rap’ is, but I’m glad you liked it nonetheless. Rap lyrics can be about things other than black suffering and still be great songs.


Do the N95 music video by kendrick Lamar 🐐


Please react to Taylor Swift (featuring Brendon Urie) - ME!


It's a deeper massage... u guys




The cops are carrying a coffin..


I can definitely appreciate this song for the video and way he switches his style sometimes through the song


we gonna be Alright


"giving apocalyptic vibes" sheesh.... brother that's just everyday living for some people across the red line what you mean? 😬


Please react to Beyonce songsssss


Frank ocean- White Ferrari


Review more TDE songs please, everyone needs them.


vergil and dante reacting to kendrick lamar


Sorry i don't know your names but the reaction of the guy on the right at the end of the video is amazing! I also needed that lil smile, one more "we gon be alright". I love how caught up in it you both were!


You guys obviously “get it “. Kendrick is top three on most people “Best rappers that are still active” category. He’s a beast on EVERY level.


I didn't know Cody & Noel had another channel!?


Ooo. If y’all like KDot y’all would love some Lupe Fiasco! I suggest Deliver, Bitch Bad, King Nas, or Alan Forever


The ability of you guys to take what you know about music and pull what you were getting from a rap song and it still be on par with what the artist is trying to convey is very impressive… I love these reactions because they are so pure and genuine and I can tell you two really love music


Pharell Williams I know produced this song, but I’m not entirely sure if he produced the entire album. The jazzy incorporation is genius. You can tell it’s produced by Pharell when you hear the 1-2-3-4 at the start


Everytime you hear a 3-4 beat intro , that usually means Pharrell produced it!


I think he's the only one who caught on to the answer my question. I always wondered what the snake was before God punished it to Slither on the ground. So I looked it up on Google and it said this: snakes were once four-legged cuddly creatures of the field. In the video, you see the snake has arms and hands. When he's in trial, he wears the pink and everyone else is blue. This shows colors of boy being blue and and he's wearing pink to express he's gay. He gets hit in the head with a butt plug and then floating upwards


You guys need to listen to Heart Attack by Dave. It's another masterpiece. The lyrics are extremely emotional and guaranteed to get a tear or two from you even if you aren't black.


Amazing song and imagery.


Y'all should listen to "How much a dollar cost" from the same album


Btw he’s not a rapper he is a True Hip Hop MC


Itd be nice to hear lyrics that evolved but the police treatment towards us don’t change do they? 1619-2022


Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst might be his best song ever so please get around to that


Guys there is so much more to explore in hiphop for you.


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Y'all just earned my subscription 🤝


You guys should react to the entire 'To Pimp A Butterfly' album


your guys channel has gotta blow up soon your reactions are so pure and fun to watch


This album is the hip hop equivalent of dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd. Each song and sound has its purpose. The whole story paints a picture


The guy with the long hair just looks and feels like Paul Dano lol


I’ll agree with what everyone else is saying. But I think it’s cool you latched onto the jazz element. Lots of great modern jazz musicians played on this record, including an LA based collective called the west coast get down. And, the guy who produced and wrote most of the music, is named Terrace Martin. He’s an incredible solo artist, and has also been playing sax in Herbie Hancock’s band for the last several years. Check out his music


Totally different request: Dillinger Escape Plan - Hero Of The Soviet Union


Can you please react to denzel curry - walkin


For two old non-street guys 😊, I feel you got the essence of the song and video. Good listening, good analysis!


More like "two cool dudes"


That smile at the end let's you know…
He gon' be alright.


Hi! I just found your channel and loved the one reaction I have seen so far. I would love to see you guys react to Pentatonix! Yes they are acapella but some of their stuff will blow your mind! I suggest “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Daft Punk Medley”, “The Sound Of Silence”, from there you will fall down the rabbit hole! They also have tons of Christmas music as well! “Hallelujah” is their biggest one so far! Hope to see some of that!

Just an FYI they did have a member change several years ago so that’s why you will see a different Bass singer. The bands names are: Kevin (beatboxer), Scott (lead vocalist-blonde guy), Mitch (tenor), Kirstin, and Matt. Avi (Aw-Vee) is who you see if the earlier videos and Matt is the current bass. Hope to see some PTX on your channel!


Why are you listening to headphones over your hair?


This is a masterpiece that keeps on giving the more you listen to it. It was so great to see your reactions and appreciation from such mature and knowledgeable perspectives. I'm now fan of you guys fanning!


As a fan of hip hop since I was a kid I knew these days would come. all those years of snobs acting like rap wasn't music and it was beneath them. if you understand American culture you know exactly why. Race ties into everything. All this greatness was always present and accessible. Kendrick wasn't the first nor will he be the last. Hip hop bridged the entire globe before it had even gotten it's respect due as an art form where it was birthed. Ignorance is the only excuse. Now watching this newfound affinity for the strengths of the art form I find it bittersweet. almost too little too late. Artists like Kendrick were the rule not the exception in during the golden era and the reason for his greatness is simply he studied all the slept on greats. Some of which will be unsung until they are not present.


This was such a great reaction! I have to sub ❤️


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed stumbling upon this video. Alright is so dear to my heart. Seeing you two hear it for the first time was something special.


Another interpretation of the cops carrying the car. Instead of the Egyptian slave/litter bearer….
Pall bearers


Amazing to see y’all enjoy this. You should definitely get the lyrics up for an even crazier expirience


Y’all don’t follow the Grammys?


Hip hop is also a competitive genre.

Kendrick Lamar feat. JAY-Z - "don't kill my vibe - remix"

Rookie Kendrick vs. Mogul status jay-z bar for bar. Break it down for the ppl hip hop channels r neglecting it please break it down for the ppl!!!


This might be my new favorite channel!


I appreciate this video. Kendrick Lamar's Kush and Corinthians from his Section 80 album is a beautiful track as well!


Thank you Old Dudes good take!


Kendrick is the only rapper to have been awarded a Pulitzer. He is a great story teller through his music.


7:58 when he said “N dubya A “ I lost it I love these guys


As a Black man living in America, I have had many conversations with my White brothers and sisters about me and my community's many struggles. And even though many of them show empathy from the stories I've told them and the problems I see, they rarely seem to understand. But how could they?

Kendrick is a phenomenon that has the ability to make people understand... even if they don't want to. Watching the "2 Old Dudes'" reactions to Kendrick's delivered message and seeing that they actually empathize AND understand what us Black Americans go thru brings tears to my eyes. It's very simple what we want. We just want people to listen and understand, and Kendrick Lamar makes that happen time and time again. He's a voice that speaks for all of us in a language very few can speak, but a language that all of us understand; both Black, White, and everything in between.


I seem to remember Fabulous released a version this song a short time later?


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