THE NOTE AT THE END! Reaction to Dimash – Sinful Passion

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen “Sinful Passion”

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Hey everyone. If you love listening to Dimash, please check out Zhou Shen "Huan Yan"


Es maravilloso ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💯


He has a Docktorate in music.


Hello to your chanel ,if It s posible to react to another video of Dimash please react to Unforgetable day from Gakku concert,he sing a very high note, I enjoy every time this song


Control del aire, IKANAIDE, por favor reacciona. Gracias 🎺🎷🎻👌


Я вам советую посмотреть на Димаша воколиз, или его любые произведения, ничего вас не разочарует!!!!!


Это выступление в России на ежегодном фестивале "Славянский базар" .


Yes he does it all


Bienvenido al mundo Dimash ❤el mejor cantante del mundo es impresionante el talento y el nivel de interpretación que tiene...simplemente gracias 😊❤por favor puedes reaccionar a Strenger
Ogni pietra
Hello ...por favor gracias ❤😊 EXCELENTE REACCIÓN ❤


Hey dude. Do you want to hear Dimashi singing a New High Note ?


Dimash has a Masters degree in Opera, classical and contemporary music. Is now working on Ph.D.


Dimash sang this song in the Kremlin Palace!


Тяжело поставить субтитры?




yeah and that one breath run lasted 25 seconds. Opera2. Adagio(Lara Fabian cover) The love of Tired Swans. Autumn strong. Daididau. Screaming. All by myself(C Dion cover) Hello(Lionel Richie cover) Love is like a dream. Autumn strong.
Confessa+Diva dance(5th Element cover) Mademoiselle Hyde. Marigolds. Passione. Jasmine Flower. Unforgettable Day-Gakku(D8). Olimpico. Know. Daybrek-Bastau. Give Me Your Love. Across Endless Dimensions. Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance. Samaltau Tokyo Jazz Festival 2020. War and peace. Your love. My heart will go on(Titanic cover) A Tribute to MJ - Laure Shang version. Lay down. Be With Me(Official Music Video) Together. Fly Away. Ave Maria. Stranger. Ikanaide. ZHALYN. QUARAGYM-AI. And hes most important "The Story of One Sky" and many many more. he can sing in 15 languages and play 7 instruments and is the most humble guy you can find in the music biz. there is so much positive to say about him. i love this guy thou im a guy my self.


Phantom of the Opera material. He would be fantastic.


Love your content and I’m about the same age as you and I’m having the same experience with DQ at about the same time too!
I must add that the record industry in the USA & UK has gone to the dark side!! Look at what they’ve done to a lot of their talent. Look at Sam Smith + many others like Billy Eilish in the Grammys & other shows 2023. Sam Smith is Truly evil & highly inappropriate. For me BI is negative and strange & creepy & not in a good way- and I think she’s been taken over by the the corporate elite controllers who do devilish things to their talent, which in turn negatively takes them over. Just look at what has happened to the Weekend.
Dimash’s soul holds dearly to his indigenous roots. There’s NO way he’d survive with his soul intact in this American / UK industry.
Matter of fact I stopped listening to US music mostly and only listen to true artists that do not spread crap and Debauchery. Like Pentatonix, tears for fears at this time of 4/2023! I NEVER thought that would happen here, yet it has!


Dimash is the best singer in the galaxy, react to Across endless dimensions, insane, magnífico saludos desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷


Dimash ...... STRANGER


Also, sorry for sharing so much, Dimash sings several types of style opera, pop and he can even rap.


Dimash is one of the three KNOWN people who has a 7 octave. He trained for 23...since he was 5. Part of his training was swimming to help build his lung capacity hence why he hold notes long.


This guy is hands down the best singer I've ever heard. Amazing really.


A-Studio is the band accompanying Dimash and the keyboard player is the composer. The lead singer passed away a few years ago. I watched A-Studios' version and once again Dimash made it his own and did it better. Dimash began his music studies at the age of five along with his regular schooling, and still does vocal training for 3-5 hrs. a day every day. He said that since he was 2 yrs. old, all he ever wanted was to perform on stage and sing, and never swayed from that goal or considered doing anything else. That is true passion and dedication for his craft.


My Dimash is fantastic is wonderfull is percfec hi I'm from 🇪🇨😘


Just amazing and Epic 👏👏👏💝💗💜💖


The gentleman standing up in the white shirt at the end is Igor Kutroy, a renowned musician and composer who works closely with Dimash on many occasions. He came out of retirement to do so.


It was I am Singer in China in 2017, but he could not get 1st place because he was not Chinese. But he got a prize anyway and would have won if he was.


To see Dimash’s 007 side you should see the video version of Be With Me , This song has lots of surprises in it . Dimash also does Fly Away with a Michael Jackson influence . There are so many songs by Dimash that it may take time but all time well spent...
The China singing contest was by invitation and I believe Dimash was not allowed to win because the rules in China not allowing it but you’ll see that the loved him


Harika 🙏❤️❤️🙏🙏


All of the Dimash "Dears" want him to be 007. (You said 007 just as I was typing it!)


The talking or something like that? You should listen to. You'll see Dimash the man, how humble he is and how he always thanks all those behind him, the band and his love for his country. So humble and touching to hear him, each single time. Loved your reaction. Cheers from Canada 😘


Dimash Voice is so clear 🙏❤️ sooo amazing and beautiful and ❤️🙏❤️


Tienes que escuchar ikanaide adagio


The band named A'Studio that accompanies Dimash, is the same one that composed the song minus the lead singer named Batyrkhan Shukenov, who died of a heart attack in 2015. The song was originally performed in 1998 and the lyrics are by the poet Ilia Reznik together with Baigaly Serkebayev, (the keyboardist with long hair, which we see in the video accompanying Dimash.) The tones in the middle are oriental Arab technique (or traditional qazaq singing, called Joqtaw. It is a lament to the deceased singer). The last run is 24 seconds on 1 breath.


Please, please please react to Dimash singing The Story of One Sky.


I really loved your reactions to our amazing and only Dimash, please just continue 🙂


Димаш занимается вокалом с 5лет и до сих пор учится.Играет на нескольких инструментах.


Goosebumps, Dimash is unique, he transmits so much, he even makes me cry, I love him, I never felt so much with a singer. There they give flowers to him, the Dears, always 💖


È il momento di reagire a The story of one sky CAPOLAVORO❤️


What the guy said about the voice it isn't true, he came second to an old female Chinese singer. Even she said that DIMASH was the winner. The show gat in such issue that they gave him a prize from the country as the best voice of that year. It was stolen from him and everyone knew!


Subtítulos por favor


Watching him at 100500th time a stop breathing at he's highest notes. Magic...


Please make a reaction to Daybreak by Dimash. Thank you. Greetings from Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Stunned is the Bierce to word and it is happening in every song .. so do nit Stop reacting


best next songs for you to react stranger, Your Love, hello from Lionel Richie, Love is like a Dream it may look too many but believe all them so diferent and so amazing


Bravooooo Dimash maravilloso único en el mundo lo amo desde España


J'adore ta réaction 👍 je te recommande de visionner unforgettable day Grekku de Dimash. La tu entendras du son D8. Incroyable vraiment.


Dimash is Spectacular!!!!!!🤩😍❤💥💥💥💯💯💯


By now you shouldn’t be surprised by his art


Some of my favorites are Adagio, Diva Dance, and Opera #2




Bienvenido al mundo de los dears. Dimash es Único Mágico transmite todos los sentimientos más maravillosos que existen. La Mejor Voz del Mundo de todos los tiempos. Dios lo bendiga 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 siempre. Saludos desde Lima Perú


Not only is he a darn good singer, he also commands the stage


Dimash fan from Thailand: Hi🎉.


Love of tired swans gonna blow your mind


the range of this man is 61/2 octaves he made D8 note on this song UNFORGETTABLE DAY!! [Gakku] the rith name is Dimash Qudaibergen is frome kazakhstan


Hey! We just posted Dimash "Stranger" on Patreon!


🙏The Story of One Sky 🙏
Dimash can act too!
Please listen to the message Dimash is telling us...


This is the musical 007.


This has been my favor4ite Dimash song since I first heard it!


please react to Dimash "diva dance"!!!!!!!!!


Димаш занимался подводным плаванием 4,5 года. Тренировка задержки дыхания. Сейчас постоянно плавает, при каждом удобном случае.
Также занимался около 4 лет тхеквондо.
Благодарю за реакцию 🎧🎤🎶👍


Common dude. I keep waiting for you to react to more Dimash. I’m 67 and don’t have all the win the world for everyone across the globe to not realize what an incredible😢😂😢 blessing this video is to humanity. Please don’t miss out by helping to promote the voice from heaven itself. Thank you for reactions so far.


He did not win "I am Singer" China. Came in second. He has been training since he was 5 years old. Vocal and instruments.


He did not win. He came in 2nd place. Because he was not from China he was not allowed to win. Talk about stacking the deck.


Yes that dude at the end just like holly cow 😐😂😂😂😂😂


In their culture, they don’t do standing ovations. They give flowers. Enjoy your journey with this prodigious alien. I’ll let your other posters fill you in on Dimash’s background. I’m an “old chick”, into all genres of music. Let’s say from the ‘50s through today. I believe I’m gonna enjoy your reactions.👍🏻 Be well. 10/26/22


Dimash is amazing. Thanks for your reaction.


I recommend you Olimpic from Dimash


Он просто бесподобен!!!!!


He's not that young tho haha


Bienvenido al UNIVERSO DIMASH!!! UN SER DE LUZ, ANGELICAL, PROFESIONAL Y ENTREGADO U SU ARTE Y A SUS "DEARS". Le recomiendo absolutamente todo de él, todo lo que interpreta es una obra de arte. Su ultimo trabajo es de hace pocos dias, no puede dejar de reaccionar a él. "The story of one sky"😢😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰


Dears are really crazy about him. I am from Brazil and traveled to Kazakhstan to watch his concert. What a concert! More than 3 hours of true pleasure and beauty. Listen to him live is an impressive experience indeed. It's worth all the almost 40 hours I took to get there... 😁🥰🥰🥰
Sad you ended before he talks, you could understand more about Dimash listening how thankfulhe was to the band...
My suggestion to you: "Stranger", Socchi version. And if you want to do a double reaction, "Stranger" from Shine Brothers, a Chinese TV show. Two very different versions, both incredible!
Hug from Brazil!
(David Ricks is right, don't react to anything of the The World's Best. Dears will not watch it).


DIMASH is Unique, amazing, Nice ,beatifull Kiss from Argentina


Te lo dije,no encontré otro igual, que berraquera, maravilloso.


Adagio and Eva Marie.


He swims and does martial arts and he's been doing singing since 5 years old and 5 hours a day


He gives the flowers to nursing homes and hospitals


👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕Please react to SOS, and ADAGIO.


Loved your reaction to our incredible Dimash! Next, his Stranger or Ikanaide?


Your reaction volume, and the artist volume is perfect. Other reactors should copy you. Thanks so much.


You need to hear IKANAIDE in japanese, and if you wants to see him dancing and singing, you need to see GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, also HELLO, from Lionel Richie song by demash. There are a lot of songs😲😀😃




Thank you for your reaction! Dimash’s talent is mind blowing 🤯 A'Studio was invited by Igor Krutoy to participate (individual concert) in the 2018 edition of the New Wave festival. Igor Krutoy, the man in white shirt giving his standing ovation, invited Dimash to participate in this festival in the same year. "Sinful Passion" was created in 1998. This is how the song was performed, exactly in the 20th anniversary of this song. It speaks of greater love, greater loss, greater despair, greater desire, greater passion. The loss or lack of this love, in Dimash's interpretation, has the dimension of a loss of life, which one is very anxious to restore. In place of the original purely pop instrumental part (inserts), Dimash included (after the last chorus) his vocalize, a stylized onomatopoeic (like a lament) eastern ornament and the words "дай мне, дай" (give me, give me) with a 23-second melismatic on the last syllable, which is not a simple substitute for a pop musical theme, but an extension of the story sung earlier in words. ❤️🎤🔝🌹🌹👏👏👏


Discovered you through Dimash reactions. Yeah, phenomenal. I always enjoy seeing new people discover Dimash. You're will enjoy going through his library. Can't go wrong with any song. Sometimes even the same song as he will change it up slightly to give us something new to enjoy. So versatile and amazing at all of it. He's changed my views of music. And since you love new music and new artists as you say, here are a couple others that are often considered some of the best out there, recommended along with Dimansh, and that many of us American's are unfortunately not readily exposed to: Laura Fabian (one of Dimash's idols), Angelina Jordan, Morissette Amon, Diana Ankudinova, Gabriel Enrique, Floor Jansen / Nightwish. Guarantee you'll be amazed by all of them. Their fanbase will happily guide you through each.


The Best Singer Ever , I 67 years old . I saw in live in NYC 2019.


I was therte in the audience.... you could hear a pin drop... people were in shock! The applause at the end you hear in the video is nothing close to what it was in real life! The whole auditorium got up and it was mind-blowing!!! You can actually spot me in thevideo)))


you should have let it play so you could hear damash address the crowd he's so humble he's more than just a good singer


Where is lee??????😩


Hola 👋 👋, me gustó tú reacción, el concurso de singer 2017 es anterior, éste concurso es en Rusia, donde ganó y siguió trabajando,y el Señor que se levantó es Igor krutoy un pianista, cantor,compositor qué lo llevó la hija para qué lo vea, él estaba ya retirado, multimillonario descansando,pero lo vió y volvió a componer muchas canciones para sú estilo, cómo Stranger, Él amor es cómo un sueño, Olímpico, Ave María y muchas más, te invito qué primero veas singer 2017 en China. Abrazos desde Buenos Aires Argentina Dear Mónica!!!!


Я с Украины! Каждая песня в исполнении Димаша, это Молитва Святого Духа! Которая помогает мне жить.!



❤‍🔥D I M A S H❤‍🔥



"Absolutely astounding" is pretty apt for this young man. I'm a huge Rush fan, but I value anything that is sublime -- and Dimash is that.


Es adictivo....cuidado!!!


You must react to his new MV, The Story of One Sky. It’s a 13+ minutes musical short film. Dimash worked in this composition for 3 years. He wrote the script and his is the singer and actor. A truly masterpiece. You need to prepare the video to avoid copy writes. Take care. ❤️🙏🕊


Please react to The Story of One Sky.
Over 13 mn but it worth it! A message to the all humanity 🙏


Best singer in the century!


Patrice and Anita discuss what happened with Dimash on The World's Best! This is how he quit the show, with grace and humility


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