THE QUEEN! Reaction to Doja Cat – Woman

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Doja Cat “Woman” from the album “Planet Her”

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a lot of people dont realize how good doja is in rapping, is good you get it.


Watch Shakira ojos asi live! She has no competition trust me


PLEEEAASEEE, react to Harry Styles!!! It can be late night talking or Sign of the Times please!!!!


you mean afro beats! yes! also if you haven't, do dosa and The Weeknd!


Lmao they got a crush on Doja


Fantastic reaction to an amazing artist. If you haven't already watch rules by doja cat. Wow! My favourite song of hers


Love your guys reactions, love from South Africa 💚🌍💙


React to Nicki Minaj please 🤍


From the thumbnail, I thought one of you were an old woman 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... I thought this was like an old couple reaction video 😅😗

Edit: my bad, I just saw the name of the channel.


you guys would love greta van fleet! try heat above sometime




U should do street by doja cat


I need to see you guys react to literally ANY Megan Thee Stallion song!!🙏


Doja is just beautiful
and talented
I’m a Boomer Baby
and I am amazed at how her lyrics just speak truth
An she’s just sexy as all get out ✅


React to her album “planet her” it’s SOO GOOD


“We haven’t really talked about the music” lol it’s difficult to focus on that while with Doja looking so damn good in every shot😅


Ok but like what if they listened to CPR by cupcakke LMAOO💀💀💀💀


thats intro in the vid is ph


Please react to 'streets' by doja cat


more doja reactions🙏🏽


Yess! You guys got it! What a beautiful video right?? The things they can do with music videos now is just incredible. You guys should check out Lady Gaga some time! My suggestion would be 911 or Bad Romance or Born This Way! She might not be overly 'current' right now but she still has a lot of fans that would love to see your reactions


Doja is not the queen in the video, she is the embodiment of Planet Her, and the queen uses her and her attraction to take out men who want to usurp her.


try a South African artist Nasty C


I love your reactions.They’re genuine and you two are very likeable. I was wondering if you could maybe watch “drag me down by one direction”. I would really like to hear your opinions on that song.
Love from Germany✨


New subscriber! 😊


hey the correct term you guys were looking for was afrobeat


React to Saoko by Rosalia


Please react to Selena Gomez and Coldplay's Let Somebody Go Music Video




React anitta's song Boys Don't Cry pleaseeeee


Speaking of Kendrick Lamar, I’d love to see you guys react to DNA. by him! The video and
lyrics are very powerful.


You guys should watch You Right by Doja & The Weeknd ! Also if you like rap u can watch Rules by Doja too ! love y’all reactions 💜


Just found this channel, y’all make me so happy😌






Greetings from Germany! You guys should react to Brent Faiyaz - Show you off. This song is opened up with some smooth strumming before Brent comes in with his vent session. It's beautifully written and just a piece of his whole discography


react to boys dont cry - anitta!!!


Perryyyyyyy!!!! Please show them something from Aurora next video? I'm sure they'll love her voice and lyrics!!! I'd recommend "It Happened Quiet (Live at The Current)".
Much obliged :))))


Yes real music and real lyricism interpretation thank you 🙏🏾 you guys are awesome 👏🏾 thank you


Awesome guys so wholesome and hearty love your reactions!! Watching real music!! New generation has some voice!! I’m glad y’all appreciate that!!


I'm loving your channel here it's very good and informative for a different view on the current music. Very interested to see more new stuff so im subscribed. Can i suggest to react to Adam Lambert - superpower it's very 70s vibe and i bet you guys will love it.


You guys should react to oliver trees music video hurt


Hi guys you should react to like my father by jax❤️😘🎊


Doja Cat is half South African of Zulu ethnicity (South Africa's largest ethnic group), through her father who is a South African and a famous film co- producer of the film "Sarafina"

This type of Afrobeat is actually a common type of beat style under a South African genre called House (that is how the term is referred to locally, although on an international spectrum it might be stated otherwise) and, a few house DJs and musicians would be for example : DJ Black Coffee, MI CASA, DJ Fresh, Bucie, Prince Kaybee, etc

Also she uses 3 accents throughout this entire video ranging from a slight South African, to a mainly Nigerian pigeon (Nigerian pigeon is very similar to Jamaican patois because a lot of slaves were taken from that part of Africa, so it's easy to get confused with the accent), and then during the last part of her rap verse she uses a slight Caribbean accent , and @2:13 is a dance style from the South African genre known as Amapiano

Even the style of clothing in the especially the second half of this music video is very South African (in terms of the clothes worn by the some of the tribes)

- From South Africa's neighbouring country, Namibia


Love your videos 💖
I'd you guys react to "Cellophane" by FKA Twigs, it's phenomenal ✨


Please react Boys Don't Cry by Anitta


You gotta see Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money! Wildest video ever


I’ll be seeing her and Kendrick Milwaukee July 19th, 2023


you guys have such a great channel, keep it going. xo


React to senorita by shawn Mendes and camilia cabelo


I absolutely love your reactions. Please react to Cardi B's UP




Great reaction


React to Scripture by Eartheater pls


react to less than zero and sacrifice by theweeknd plsss


Happy Friday everyone. All yinz in the winter storm w/ me, please be safe out there in the ice & snow.

Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


She’s saying “let me be your woman” but yes I totally agree with what y’all are saying


Great reaction! I'd love to see you guys reacting to Mac Miller or Nothing But Thieves 😀


You guys need to react to Nicki Minaj, Lil Baby. Do we have a problem? The song is 🔥


Can some tells em that the melody is not hers and its from Africa plus its old?!! Thanks in advance 😀


please put subtitles in portuguese ❤️


If you guys could can you react to harry styles, like anything related to him😋👍


I love these two dudes so much. Looking foward to the next video. Doja always with amazing videos and catchy songs <3


Good reaction guys. Talkin' bout never used green screen 😅 we need more Blackpink reactions please. "Kill This Love", "Boombayah", "How You Like That", “DDU-DU DDU-DU" 🙏🏼 😎✌🏼


Would love to see you do Say So by Doja or Streets!


react to Boys dont cry by anitta


Kanye West Heaven or Hell


Love the reactions! You should react to Lil Uzi Vert - Sauce it Up


I really suggest you check out Ashnikko,
love your reactions ♡♡


plz react to doja cat - streets !


React to Sevdaliza please!!


Hey dudes! Great reaction as always…
Please react to Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Baby - Do We Have A Probleme
It just came out today, and it would be a cool introduction to The Queen of Rap Miss Nicki Minaj!


React please Anitta- Boys Don't Cry


Doja Cat's real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini. Her father is the South African actor and film producer Dumisani Dlamini. She grew up estranged from her father but recently reconnected with him which is why this song is very afrobeats influenced. In terms of the video plot, Teyana Taylor (singer and actress) plays a queen, and a group of men arrive to try and usurp the throne. So she summons Doja Cat who is like a magical seductress/enchantress to hypnotise the bad guys with her 'womanly power'. It's meant to represent a woman's power/goddess energy. That part at the beginning of the video where she appears on the table seems to be inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Remember the Time'.


Could you react to Fly As Me by Silk Sonic ? Or better,check out their album 👍


You should change your channel name to "two cool dudes"


Hey!! love your reactions <3 You guys should react to more music videos of The Weeknd. Please do In your eyes or Gasoline (。・ω・。)ノ♡


listen to jigsaw by conan gray!!!


Fka Twigs- Cellophane, like to help me get this song guys.



the people wants more doja cat 😩. And Selena gomez pls make i'm so excited just thinking aboub it lmaooo

Edit: after wtching the video, yall are so sweet omg. You got the meaning of the song and mv on point and it makes me so happy to see it.

Love yall


plsss react to all too well by taylor swift


would love to see y'all react to some Taylor Swift !! You Need to Calm Down is a good video!!




Love your reactions ! U need to react to some lady gaga stuff


React to Eminem or Lisa-money


Let me down slowly by Alec Benjamin
Godzilla by Eminem and Juice Wrld
React to either one pls


love your reactions!! you guys should react to Heathens by AURORA she is a great artist on the rise! her writing and music is very ethereal.


Pls react to cigarettes after sex plsssss


hey guys great reaction!! i would love for you guys to check out a song by Matt Maltese called as the world caves in!! it’s really a work of art


Hello Guys good to see ya! Please do Doja Cat- Streets
I’m sure you will enjoy it


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