THE QUEEN! Reaction to Beyonce – Mood 4 Eva

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Donald Glover, Oumou Sangaré “Mood 4 Eva” for the movie “The Lion King”

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more Queen Bey!!!


If you watch her movie "Black is King" you will probably understand the video & who the "blue guy" is a little more 💯 its visually stunning! Fun fact....the house in this video is the same house from the movie "The Godfather" & "The BodyGaurd"


Can u do k-12 melanie martinez pleaseee


You guys have to react to Dax!! “The next rap God” and “The next rap God 2”


Great reaction. Anyway, can i request your reaction to superb band from japan?
The band is call "Lovebites"
They all The Beautiful Queens heavy metal band right now in the earth. They are really really World class musicians. Phenomenal.
Many reactor has been reaction to them.
And they have a lot diehard fans like me😁. The fans called Wolfpack.
The song is "Set the world on fire"
Hope you check out, and can enjoy it too. Big thanks🙏


React to the good stuff!


Beyoncé is often credited with popularizing the rap singing you hear in this song. She’s been doing it since she was in Destiny’s Child and it’s very prevalent among most mainstream singers these days.




Please do more Beyoncé. I loved this reaction


Please react to “Everytime BEYONCE proved she can FLAWLESSLY


Beyoncé is a total visual artist. Every piece of costuming she approved


Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Work hard...Play harder! Great video, great song. See yinz all on Friday. 🤗🥰




oh if you liked this you NEED to get in to her live stuff from the past 10 years


Eh, I'm still waiting for a reaction to K-12😔


Glad you finally reacted to Beyoncé ☺️ this song was from the lion king soundtrack and she collaborated with many African artists throughout the album! If you want to react to more of her songs All Night or Formation are great starters.
Other videos I recommend that are really popular are:
We found love- rihanna
Racks in the middle- nipsey hussle
A lot - 21 savage
Ric flair drip- offset
Redbone - childish gambino (no video but the song itself is worth it lol)
Middle child - j Cole
Family ties- baby Keem
The hills - The Weeknd
National anthem - lana del Rey
Take me to church- hozier

(Sorry, it’s a lot lol. But any one of those videos are worth watching!)


can you please react to partition by Beyonce


Por favor reacciona al nuevo video de Dimash, The Story of One Sky, es fabuloso!!


No thanks. Let me know when you hear Beth Hart. Joe Bonamassa. Kaleo. Dimash. Linda Ronstadt. Gabriel Henrique. Barbra Streisand etc. 60s 70s music. Talent to my ears.


She is the queen of visuals. Please react to her live … go down the rabbit hole. She has her hands in everything on everything she does.




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