THE REAL! Reaction to Anitta – Girl From Rio

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Anitta “Girl From Rio” from the album “Versions of Me”

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Here is Brazil!🇧🇷♥️


Anitta sings in 5 different languages ​​you could react to the songs called "Un altro ballo e Paloma" where she sings in Italian and in French with the song "Mon solei" and "Boy dont cray" "Will I See You" with Poo Bear and also "Goals"


please do yo perreo sola- bad bunny.


Please react to La Fama by Rosalía and The Weeknd


react to Anitta's new album which is called versions of me please ❤️👑🇧🇷🇧🇷


Please react Boys don’t Cry


Nice video


Thank you so much! 💓💗💛


She is fabulous 👏❣️👍


Please react to Anitta's song and music video 'Envolver'


amazing react guys, anitta is one of the biggests artists in brazil


A ideia do clipe Girl from Rio é algo mais pessoal sobre a vida e realidade de Anitta, suas origens e acontecimentos, além de ressaltar o verdadeiro lado do Rio, antes glamuroso, hoje mais humanizado e diverso a partir da inclusão social e da vista do lado mais pobre e popular do local, o que não era visto pelo público internacional nas décadas de 50’ e 60’.


so nice to see you guys talking about our girl from rio, all love from brazil to the 2 old dudes <3

React to "Vermelho" by Glória groove


I love react!!!! Anitta Queen of Brasil!!! Thank you ✌🏻


Please reaction anitta ENVOLVER AND BANANAAN


React to 'Vai Malandra'


anitta is a VERY famous singer in Brazil, and throughout Latin America. She has several songs of different styles and sounds. many hits! you should listen to his latest release "boys dont cry" i think you will like it a lot


React to boys don’t cry by Anitta.


React to boys dont cry by anitta


Anitta "Boys Dont Cry"


React at anitta's funk.... Please.... Your channel is gonna grow, brazilians are crazy


She's the best... From brazil


React more anitta


I love it


Bossa Nova is from the '50s. "Garota de Ipanema" was released on Aug 2, 62.


My QUEEN #anitta 👑 🇧🇷 🔥


Great reaction! React to "Boys don't Cry" by Anitta


Please, react "Lalá" by Karol Conka.


React tô Boys dont cry by anitta


React Anitta- boys don't cry






incrível como os gringos elogiam a voz dela enq. os br 🤨🤨🤨


Y’all would like chainsmokers “high”! There the best!


React Anitta boys don’t cry and Vai malandra


React Anitta boys don’t cry please


I Love Anitta!!! Ela é maravilhosa!


Excited to see more Anitta reacts!!!


React to Anitta - Boys Don't Cry


please react more of anitta and also please react to pabllo vittar


👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Hugs from Brazil guys


React Anitta Boys Don't Cry


React to her brand new song called Boys don't cry


Please react "Boys don't cry" by Anitta


React Anitta - Boys don't cry


React Boys Don’t Cry - Anitta. Brazil loves her. ♥️


Please react to Boys Don’t Cry - Anitta 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


React me gusta by Anitta


react boys dont cry - anita


Anitta my queen!!!react to the song "Boys don't cry" new music by Anitta


👏👏👏 great reacton!!


React more to anitta




Please react to boys don't cry - Anitta


Please react to the new Anitta’s song, called “Boys Dont Cry”


I loved this reaction ^^ also sir you have a beautiful long hair💖


I Loved your channel!!!!!! Please react to boys don't cry, her new video!!!! I'm totally in love with this channel


react boys don't cry - anitta!! new single


She released a new song yesterday called 'Boys Don't Cry" and it gives 80's vibe. And I think you would like a song called "Will I See You"


im IN LOVE with your reactions <3


I really liked this song! Fantasy vs Reality....


ANITTA "BOYS DON'T CRY" next reaction please


Please react to ANITTA "BOYS DON'T CRY"


React Boys don't cry - Anitta 🙏🏻


Modern latin artists are pretty versatile nowadays, maybe you want to look others up: e.g. Rosalia, Bad Bunny 💙


I really enjoyed your guys video. Profissional, and respectful!!! Anitta is such a talented artist. I am so proud of her work. She doing such great work with her music and she also directs most of her videos.


Love your reaction ❤️


Please react iza - dona de mim


the best reaction to this song EVER, you really understood her message 💙🇧🇷


This is a great react of this music video, ive to say, u guys captured absolutely everything the video is about, by far this is the best react . Well done guys... keep up the good work and im sure u will have very loyal Brazilians on ur page . Lol


Pleaseeee react to Anitta’s new song “Boys Dont Cry” ☺️


react to Anitta ‘Boys don’t cry’


Please react to her new single, boys dont cry. Its amazing!


it's a 7 million dollars music video, the natural light you said was all recreated in a studio


One 👸🏻🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


I loved the react! You catch the concept! Please, react a Boys Dont Cry by Anitta too


Alguém resumi pra mim ou traduz ?


Please react " boys dont cry"


React to Anitta - Boys don´t cry, I'll like that.


Best react I've seen... thats amazing to see how you both really pay attention to the concept and references. I'll be here often since now.


React Anitta boys dont cry


React To Anitta - Boys Don't Cry


You guys so clever, both understood the concept of it. Congrats 👏🏼 I enjoyed it a lot




Plz do more juice wrld n lil peep


Anitta Diva 😍😍😍😍


Anitta Queen Brazilian ,Please react Izzy la reina the new singer popstar Brazilian singles :
Diabla :
Boy Toy:


taylor swift - all too well (10 minutes version)


react to all too well by taylor swift please


Hey, react the new song from Anitta "Boys don't cry"




Anitta she's queen 👑


Please react to Shenseea and Megan thee Stallion "Lick"


I’m the 1000th like! Never been that before lol, another wonderful video thank you guys!


React to Boys don't cry by anittaaa 😭😭😭


Please react to Anitta : Boys don’t cry. it literally just came out !!!


pls react to her new single boys dont cry 😊


I loved your reaction! Can you please react to Anitta's new single? It's called "Boys Don't Cry" and it's VERY good, I think you'll like it! ❣️


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