THE STRUGGLE! Reaction to J. Cole – Love Yourz

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Joyner Lucas “Love Yourz” from the album “Your Heart”

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Jcole is a rappers favorite rapper.. and true hip hop fans at least top 10 in my opinion.


🙄🙄🙄 hate when people react to music videos. You’re supposed to react to the actual song not what’s playing on the screen.


One of the most true songs in Hip Hop. I listen to this almost daily.


Forrest Hills drive is the street he grew up on in North Carolina


I'd like to see a reaction on Eminem's - When I'm gone


Forest hills he’s referencing is Fayetteville NC


That’s not how statistics work… you would need to be around ALL people to say with a high degree of certainty that half of the people are below average. It is very easy to be in a room with more above average people and vice versa. But I get the joke, it is just really wrong.


Forest Hills Drive is the street he grew up on in North Carolina I believe.


Loved this reaction. Y’all make great content!


Can you guys pleas do: NAS: EVERYTHING


When dude on the right started flaming the New Balance’s before the kids did had me dying


I would suggest having the lyrics up and not pay so much attention the video. you lose out on a lot.




Hahaha y’all comedy! Love y’all! 🔥


You guys would love wet dreamz by j cole


Great video!


Would love to see y’all listen to his song 4 your eyez only


I can’t believe you guys actually listened to this masterpiece🙌🏾💯 big ups to the both of you


one of the few reaction channels that i watch without skipping ! keep it up


Got to react to 2019 NBA all-star game halftime show by J.Cole 🔥


I hope y’all never quit doing hip hop.
Check out some Kevin gates.
Like perfect imperfection, in my feelings, or 4:30am, or even IDGAF


Kendrick lamar sing for me a song with a message


I appreciate the Commentary on the video but the lyrics are far too impactful to ignore


Could you guys react to Ludacris ft Mary J. Blige, Runaway Love. I feel like this song and the topic of this song is not talked about enough, and I would love to see you guys react and talk about it. If anyone else agrees please like and request as well!


J Cole is an incredible artist, he definitely deserves his flowers. Great reaction as always guys! Also, J Cole has been his own artist for a long time, he like many other artists is just featured on songs from time to time


Love to see the great reactions to J Cole! Cole is one of the best mentors and influencers in rap. Excellent storyteller and messages. I agree with the other comments, all songs from his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album are great for future reactions. My personal suggestion would be Wet Dreamz


Did he just said


Love this channel man makes me feel so grown and mature to be hanging with 2 Old Dudes! Keep the vids comin team


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english...


Sir what r u sayin at 2:36


You guys have to react to “a lot” by 21 Savage and J. Cole, the music video and message are great!


You gentlemen do a very fine job


Please react to Lo Siento BB by Tainy, Bad Bunny & Julieta Venegas. I know it will be a different language but it’s a song every one can enjoy!


we need some frank ocean - white ferarri


Please react to xxxtentacion look at me music video


Could you please react to Xxxtentacion ether SAD or changes


Please react to Ari Lennox official music video for 'Pressure'. She is signed to J. Cole's record label. She also has him featured on her song, 'Shea Butter Baby'.


Rich and blind by juice


All girls are the same by Juice WLRD


I don't know if you reacted to this. But Silk Sonic: Smoking Out the Window the music video.
It's a cool song!


You should do nf how could you leave us


This is such a good cole song. One of my favorites from him is Middle Child. Think y’all would love it!


react to pretty toxic revolver by machine gun kelly and good time by juice wrld


should’ve just reacted to the whole album bro


Please react to 4 your eyez only

Can you do a reaction to Black Atlass Pleasssseeeee


this song is really the truth, the less money that is in a household, the more love and attention that goes towards the childran


Y’all should react to window pain by JCole, the song is so damn good imo


Not the official video


React to Thot! by Tokyos revenge. New genre I think would be funny for yall to react to!


Can you please react to joji slow dancing in the dark🤩🤩🤩 i think you guys will like it




You guys should check out ashnikko I think they would be a interesting video for you guys lol


........he's gone from featured to doing his own music....gawd damn you two are adorable for a couple old white guys lmfao. Keep doing hip hop, it's a wild rabbit hole lol


I dig you two dudes. I deff wanna hear your opinions on some topics that really plague hip hop culture.

Shorten the ammount of time your giving to the music to play, youtube gonna snake you if your not careful.


Hey guys would you mind checking out NeoneTheWonderer - Nose Dive 🙌🏻


i think you two should react to burn by juice wrld


codeine crazy by future


Please react to codeine crazy by future, its the best trap song of all time


Please do 2009 by Mac Miller 🧡


You guys need to react to “walk it talk it” by the migos and drake. You guys would LOVE the throwback 😂


Hi sir..i heard you love the 70s vibe? so please react to Silk sonic - After last night 😎


You know which channel I think is super underrated? Metal Piano Music. The guy spends weeks composing classic metal songs into relaxing piano pieces and he hardly gets any views. I love his arrangement of The Sentinel by Judas Priest. That dude deserves millions of followers


4 Your Eyez Only by j cole is masterpice


Guys react to xxxtentacion sad and look at me


React to Selena Gomez Fetish!!


Happy New Year 🥳 guys! React to Diamonds by Rihanna so good


I would love if you guys could react to Harry Mack Omegle bars 45!


You guys should react to how much a dollar cost by Kendrick Lamar


I‘d love to see you react to J Cole - Wet Dreams!
Also some Kanye would be great again!


Love your Videos, greetings from Germany. Would love to see you guys react to Mac Miller - Selfcare, Polo G - Wishing for a Hero or Juice Wrld - Flaws and Sins ✌🏻


Please react to lil skies or iann dior song 🙂


I really love your insight and your interpretation on this video and ss usual, the comedy is appreciated! I do have a question though, if you don't mind..., where are y'all based and what do you do for day jobs? I kind of feel like y'all somehow work in film or or sound engineering or something. Why? I've no idea what so ever, maybe it's because it looks like you're in a studio, but the editing is top notch! 😆




Y'all should check out Physical by Dua Lipa!


Could yall react to xxxtentacion? I'm sure yall have heard pf him he was a legend yall should listen to train food, Jocelyn flores, or teeth or maybe even run those are some deep songs then yall can listen to his hype songs


Happy New Year guys!


This isn't the official music video. Great reaction


Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper- Holy Music video


This isnt the actual music video but still cool


J cole is sick 🔥 y’all should react to Dave - picture me


Happy New Year Guys! Happy you guys reacted to J Cole again one of the best. But you know who else is one of the best… you guessed it. Logic. Really hope you react to him soon. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Dadbod, and 1-800 are good songs to start off with. The music videos are great too.


More tyler the creator please


LIL peep!! plsssssss


Can you guys please react to Faouzia - Tears of Gold (Stripped)


I don't know where you found that video but that definitely isn't the official music video lmao


You guys NEED to do gimme love by joji




New Balances are actually worn a lot in the midwest at least. By younger generations


lil peep, praying to the sky is a great song you might wana check out. It IS really really deep!


Id love to see your reaction to Delicate by Taylor Swift!!!


The art of peer pressure by kendrick lamar


Finally some good music


M.G.K.'s version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Jcole my therapist fr


Happy New Year to everyone.


omg im so glad you guys are reacting to jcole. he is one of my fav artist. his lyrics and songs are very meaningful. also i highly recommend to listen to more of his songs from forest hills 2014. love your reactions and wish you a happy new year


J Cole - Be Free on David letterman. So incredible, you old dudes would love it as my mom doesn’t like a lot of rap but she will ask me to play that performance!


Cole is my favourite! To give you perspective, this song is from 2014, the last cole feature you reacted to was from this year. Cole is one of the largest people in hip hop over the past decade - much bigger than Joyner. Cole is commonly regarded as one of this generations goats with Kendrick and drake (lots of personal debate on this topic in rap).

Definitely going to have some popular reactions with Cole as he has a massive fan base.

Be free (live on letterman) is going to be highly requested and I think you would both enjoy it. Again a bit older from 2014.

Also recommend ‘lost ones’ - this song is even older but has really great storytelling and lyrics. The song is about abortion and each verse is from a different perspective!


he has an entire album called forrest hills drive. good eye!


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