Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lil Nas X “That’s What I Want” from the album “MONTERO”

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Just found you guys and subscribed. Looks like we’re of similar age. 😊


Did they really not see that the one he was with had a wife and kid... Black kid white wife picture of them together in frames... Smh come on guys


I think Lil' Nas X's lover married a woman and had a child with her. Nas didn't know this and when he came to the door to surprise his lover with flowers he was heartbroken. After he passed out from drinking (surrounded by all of his football trophies) he dreamed of getting married in a wedding dress (which is the stereotypical woman's attire for the ceremony).


the moral of the video is that he was with a guy who was DL (downlow) who had a wife and a whole kid. He did not know of the wife and kid just where he lived so he got upset cuz he wants to be with someone who loves him and is proud to be gay, not someone hiding behind a woman.


i think people should actively try to consume more gay media bc exposure = understanding and respect


Y’all should watch the Maury episode he did after this music video it’s a complete parody following what happens afterwards and it’s hilarious 😭


Faça um react da pabllo vittar


Aside from Lil Nas X, I don’t really listen to the kinds of songs you guys react to (I’m mostly metalcore/deathcore/progressive metal), but man if you guys aren’t entertaining enough to still warrant a sub!

I’d love to see you guys react to anything by Electric Callboy. Highly recommend their song ‘Hypa Hypa.’ If you do happen to check them out, I’d suggest going in completely blind. I promise you’ll be happy you did! 🙂


I'm loving you guys! You are so nice~


I like your energy how much open mind and progressive.. i wish all dads like you ..all love 💚


He was going over his love interests house and found out that he had a family essentially and the woman and child were his. The follow up to this music video is actually a Maury show episode and the full thing is on YouTube: there is the link and I hope you'll react to it next it is amazing XD


I believe the lady with the kid was the wife and child of his love interest he’d been with in the video. He was upset to find out he’d not known the man had a family


You need to do Mac Miller! A good one to start with is Self care. That’s probably his most well known song and has a wonderful video for it


“get over it people” exactly.


Please react to pop smoke dior❤


Actually, you can kiss people you're not even in love with.


The wife and kids was nas’s bf’s wife and kids


Great reaction! Please react to Lil Nas "Dead right now" one of favorites on the album!!


It’s really refreshing to see you two watch this music video with like giddy excitement 😂 It’s why I love Lil Nas X. He’s normalizing being a gay man and being in love and being sexual. Totally normal things, it’s just never been shown to us in mainstream pop/rap music. He’s the best.


I wish American football was the only sport that doesn't accept gay people, but mmm not really. All elite sports are brutally homophobic, if not because of the institutions themselves, because of the fans.


The secret wife/family is a plot point from Brokeback Mountain


the woman in the kid were actually the wife and kid of the guy Lil Nas was involved with in the Locker Room ..meanwhile the other guy was living a double life and Nas found out hence why he was Heartbroken ..and the cowboy scene was a throwback to Brokeback mountain


I think you guys would actually really enjoy and appreciate the song Bad Situations by Morray. It has a very touching music video too.


It’s great to see people really try to take the time to understand the narrative! Tbh if you like Lil nas X I think you would really like Halsey. Halsey just put out a album If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power, It has some great songs on it like Lighthouse, Girl is a gun, Lilith, and I just think you would really enjoy it!


Plsss plsss react to Tolerate it by Taylor Swift i bet you'll like itttt


No you guys the lady and the kid was the guy who he was kissings wife and child... so he’s disappointed because the guy who he loved was living a double life... the church represented him marrying himself since he can’t find love with the one he wanted


React to [Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open] please, interested in how you feel they did with their 70's music vibe.


react to I FEEL IT - Jon Bellion pleeeez


He was knocking on the boys door them boom, the dude had a whole wife and kid…


Love your channel! If only more people spent time exploring new music… here’s a couple artists you’d love:
(1) BTS — really anything they do will do but “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Mic Drop” are amazing
(2) The Weeknd — a good introduction is “Starboy” and then go into new stuff


Love your channel! If only more people spent time exploring new music… here’s a couple artists you’d love:
(1) BTS — really anything they do will do but “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Mic Drop” are amazing
(2) The Weeknd — a good introduction is “Starboy” and then go into new stuff


Lil Nas X Montero is a masterpiece as an album. You guys should react to the music video for the song Montero. Loving your open minded perspectives.


You can’t do this one and Industry Baby and not do a reaction to Montero! Would be epic.


The Guy he was with was on the DL and Lil Nas found out he had a wife and kid.


you guys have to do aint it funny by danny brown


You guys did great !


great reaction, you guys are killing it!
the concept of this is great and you guys are so open minded its amazing to see your inputs and opinions


i would love to see you guys to react to more Kanye!


React to Lil Dicky! Any of his songs 😊


Football, the locker room, the country music community, rural America, the black community and the church. All places that are activity anti gay. The whole video was in your face exposition of how we are all the same person


He went to the home of the guy he had been with and found a family. He wants someone to love him, someone to need him. Just like everyone else.


The scene of him going home to find that his boyfriend ended up getting married and having a child is also a scene from Brokeback Mountain. 🙂


U guys should react to Ashnikko, I love her


React to the weekend


You guys should really do a video for a "A QUEDA˜ (The Fall). It's a brazilian song about the "Cancel culture" on the internet performed by a drag queen called Gloria Groove. It's the best music video I've seen in a long time. Circus bizarre (english subtitles available)


The woman and the kid in the video are the family of his "boyfriend" and he didn't know until then. It's something that happens a lot. At the end, he decides to marry the music, instead, his true love that won't disappoint him!


could you react to what to do from jackboys & don toliver


why did i think the house part was a forest gump reference


Plz react to “Photo ID” by Remi Wolf ft. Dominic Fike! It’s a really great song thx


Reaction a lana del rey!!!!


The weekend after hours !!!


Lana Del Rey Doing Time / Venice Beach / White Dress / young and beautiful


At 4:14, Lil Nas went up to the house were the man he was seeing lived. When the door opened, he saw the mans' wife and kid. This is portraying how a lot of gay people feel like they can't live their truth and have to fake being straight to fit in.


I really appreciate the quality behind your videos and not only you guys (you're both so open-minded and genuine in your reactions, it's so fun to watch you!) but the actual editing and the structure of these videos. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and putting in the work! A suggestion for a future video would be checking out Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love - Glastonbury (2011)", a live performance. It's just... incredible.


LOL sorry guys ​@Two old dudes the coven are little bit wild when its comes to our fav Lauren Jauregui, I think you had an idea of this fandom power so please we need the reaction as fast as possible. imagine what will happen if the reaction dropped, I mean you guys are lucky to get our recognition this fandom has no joke they will go off for the queen😂😂😂😂. sending you guys love and positivity ❤️


80% of comments are asking you guys to react to Lauren Jauregui scattered live performance, the fandom is angry so don't ignore there request.


surprised ya’ll did this one before montero(call me by your name). it’s deffo his biggest recent one


guyyyyyys the coven (Lauren fans) are angry so please stop ignoring our request. where gonna share it everywhere.


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several members of the coven (Lauren fans) are requesting a reaction to Lauren Jauregui scattered live performance and we're getting ignored for some reason.


several members of the coven (Lauren fans) are requesting a reaction to Lauren Jauregui scattered live performance and we're getting ignored for some reason.


Please react to Lauren Jauregui scattered live performance. Her fan base is crazy they will love your reactions.🦋🌬


Yes he took that part from Brokeback Mountain 😍😍❤❤
And the lady and the child are the family of the guy he was making out with and of course he didn't know the guy had a family


I think the lady and the child are the love interest's family that he's hiding from lil nas x.
Which is why he knocked at the door and was crying in the car when he left


its not the only sport that is not accepting, football (soccer) has never really had people come out.


I'm from Brazil and I really like your reacts 😀 Are you guys sings?


The wife and kid was the family of the guy Nas slept with in the shower and tent. I would say it's a reference to Brokeback Mountain because of at least one being married with a child, only a light reference however as in Brokeback Mountain both ended up married with children.


Your videos are great, keep it up


Im addicted too ur videossss! id love for you to react to more olivia songs!! like deja vu! lol cant wait!




Hello! Love your videos!! You guys should definitely react to “we’re good” by Dua lipa!


Literally discovered you today. You are amazing !!
Please react to Stray Kids - God's Menu it is korean but there are subtitles 🙂🙂🙂


Please react to Lauren Jauregui scattered live performance. Her fan base is crazy they will love your reactions.🦋🌬






The woman in the picture was the wife of the guy he kissed in the locker room.
So he went to visit him with flowers only to realize he is a married man with a kid,so he got hurt and went back 🙂


Also you guys are always so sensitive and genuine about Lil Nas X’s sexuality, I know some in the older generation aren’t quite as much but it is lovely to see how accepting the older generation can be (and probably mostly is), shoutout to you guys 🙂


I love you guys!!! Thank you for your channel! I would love to see some more Kanye west reviews!


This was great,I really enjoy your videos a lot 🙂 Please react to Cardi B twerk


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