THROWBACK! Reaction to 5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to 5 Seconds of Summer “Youngblood” from the album “Youngblood”

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You Americans don't enjoy music and instruments and lyrics, you guys are so infused in visual things that you miss the best part which is song.


the rockabilly subculture is one that i love about japan, one of my ex's is a rockabilly


Make your thumbnails don't all look the same & make sure you show the artist in the thumbnails. You'll get more triple the views


Japan has a rockabilly culture to this day actually!


Yes, this video takes place in Japan. They're speaking Japanese at the beginning.


they just released new songs from their upcoming album 5sos5 - "complete mess" "take my hand" and "me, myself & I"

they're really good!


Hi! I just discovered your channel and I really like you guys' reaction videos. Do you only make reaction videos to English songs? Or you guys planned to react to some songs with other language too?

If you guys want to try for Peterpan - Bintang di Surga, and TXT - 0X1=LOVESONG. They're so good really, hope you check out my recommendation 🙌🏻


More react of 5SOS sir please, they're really good


react to ghost of you


The Era they are showing in the music video is when yakuza was really popular in Japan. Yakuza is like a gang who used to have tattoos, liked biking and stuff.


Maybe an elderly couple taking a pill to send them across the rainbow and having flashbacks of their life together before they cross?


they’ve just released a new song called “complete mess.” it’s absolutely amazing and i really recommend it!


Can you please react to The Chainsmokers Who do you Love ft 5 seconds of summer .

Please and thank you, it's SO good!


its a euthanasia pill and yes luke hemmings lead vocals are amazing


You should definitely listen to their live from the vault performances they are amazing!


you should really react to CORPSE 😉😉😉


I'm so glad you appreciate this band, they're cool! just recently found out about them))

I don't know if it's explained anywhere but I interpreted the video as the couple is not coming back to their old selves. Like they could go on living their elderly lives or take a pill and get back but only for 24 hours and then they're gone. The video leaves mixed feeling but it just means it's hit the target I guess, that's what art is about imo.

Please, react to "Luke Hemmings - Starting Line". It's the guy whose vocals you praised in this vid 🙂 He made a solo project last summer, the other guy from the band did the same a year before, I guess pandemic left them with a bit of free time on their hands 🙂

Thanks for reaction!<3


“5 Seconds of Summer… never heard of them!” LMAOOO


Yes sir !! it depicts a old japanese couple who have a pill to eat and that gives them 24 hours of young age and then they die together as youve seen!!


their live from the vault songs (easier and teeth) are SO GOOD


Funny enough, you guys give off an older version of two of the band members 😂 Michael, you're definitely Ashton. Lee? YOUR PERSONA IS DEFINITELY LUKE. I love you guys


It's really is "really happening" Well, maybe not with Covid, but there is a big Rock-A-Billy scene in Japan and this video was shot in a park (Yoyogi Park) at that regularly has meet ups, like how old car collectors meet up once a month to show off their cars. They all get dressed up and dance and play music. Some of the people in this music video are real people from the scene.


react to 2011, it's their new song and it's so cool !!


plsss react to more of their music !! 🙏🏻


i thought this was yungnlud, ight im out


you were on the right track - it was all in their heads. basically, they took a pill to commit suicide because they were getting older. in the minutes before they passed, they were looking back on their lives together.


You should definitely react to 5SOS's new song 2011!! It's a song that was released on their 10 year anniversary as a band, and it basically talks about wanting to go back to the beginning, aka 2011


I highly recommend More by 5SOS. It's SO GOOD


It was a 24 hours to relive your best moment in life. In the beginning they realised they had both matching wrist tatts, the broken star and asked where he was from.
Then realising he was from back in the day from their early 20s. An old long lost love/friend. Reliving the time. The static is the time going by and as time expires.


They're in Japan. There's are real life Rockabilly Dancers based on the 40s??? But of nowadays. 5 SOS took them on tour with them aswell. The lead guy with dark slick hair and tatts is quite well known singer there aswell. Johnny something.


we need a ghost of you, teeth, and easier reaction!!!


I’m pretty early sweet! Love you guys ❤️


Lee's voice reminds me of Bill Clinton lol.


I think it's time for some harder rock on this channel!
Would be love to see you check out Asking Alexandria, modern rock with HUGE choruses. Song suggestions: Alone in a room, Into the Fire and Alone Again🤙


Check out their song no shame!!! Great song and commentary


React more 5sos


Y’all should do some more lil peep


You guys should react to Kodak Black - Super Gremlin and Already Dead - Juice Wrld


Michael comparing “youngblood” to “take on me “ by aha gave me a whole new perspective.
PLS REACT TO MORE 5SOS !!! Loved the reaction. Paraguay Hereee.


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english...


You have to do Runaway-Kanye West


$uicideBoy$ - Kill yourself part lll


5 Seconds of Summer have really cool music videos, plus they are incredibly talented musicians and vocalists.
Please react to more songs, they are an amazing pop-rock band! They are a live band so I would highly recommend watching live performances but for now I'd recommend getting into their last 2 albums "Youngblood" and "CALM" (their first 2 albums are more pop-punk).

Recommendations (music video and/or live version from the Vault):
- Teeth
- Easier
- Wildflower (live version from the Late Late Show)

PS: The band celebrated their 10th year anniversary last month.


You should react to 5 Seconds of Summer's songs Old Me and Teeth


Really enjoy the video. Could you dudes do a reaction of the song Sugar by Bladee?


Hi! I Would love for you to react to Carolina or kiwi by harry styles, " more" by 5sos and dionysus by BTS! Love your reactions❤


Can you also react to Rich and blind by Juice WRLD


Hey, you should react to '2021 em uma música' by Lucas Inutilismo.

He made a mashup of songs that were playin' all around the last year, but on a rock version.


whats in the video is actually japanese rockabilly culture! so yeah probably 50s and 60s lol


I also love Teeth from 5SOS 💕


React to more juice wrld


Love the vids!!! Highly recommend you listen to Zach Bryan - Old Ma

Speaks volumes to us fathers & the ones before us!!! Keep it up!!!


I recommend you to react to easier live in the vault or maybe their last song 2011 the live performance


Some info about the video from Wikipedia: “The song's official music video was released on 2 August 2018 while the band was in Japan for their tour. Directed by Frank Borin, the video was filmed in Tokyo and tells the story of an elderly couple in their final moments, given 24 hours to relive their youth (where they are played by Japanese artists "JOHNNY" Daigo Yamashita and Misaki Aono) which then dives into the Japanese Rockabilly culture.”

This is one of the few music videos I can think of that the actual artists are no where in sight, which I love! It was so great that the band gave the visuals to these artists and actors to showcase their unique culture!


Juice WRLD-Robbery?


Could you react to Coraline and For you love by Maneskin? These are both rock and roll except the band are from Italy.


please react to kings and queens by ava max


I really like this song


Please react to: Nothing New (ft phoebe bridgers) by Taylor Swift


You guys should definitely try listening to their Teeth (Live from the Vault), feel like you'd like it!


Y’all should listen to space cowboy by Zillakami


really like to see a machine gun kelly song or lil skies or maybe iann dior


Definitely check out some of their other stuff, their live stuff is great too!


I know you have been doing j Cole a lot, but Heavens EP by him is really good and I like the message


Please react to 2021 EM UMA MÚSICA - Lucas inutilismo (2021 IN A SONG) , it is a video of a Brazilian who put all the songs that were successful in 2021 in a song in an epic way, it's chilling all the time




Hi! Please pay attention to the young singer Diana Ankudinova.React to the songs I CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE, Personal Jesus, Human, What a Wonderful World🌞 🌞 🌞 I think you'll be surprised. Diana has a very unusual voice and an artistic delivery for her age. 🌹 🌹 🌹 Thank you in advance


ya'll should try agony - yung lean


5SOS are just so so so good!! You guys should check out these songs by them:
- Red Desert
- Jet black heart
- Teeth (live from the vault is just awesome)
- Ghost of you
- Valentine
- Best years
- No shame


You should do : Burn by juice wrld


please please react to WILDEST DREAMS by Taylor swift


More 5sos plss


we need some frank ocean!!! Personally I feel the song White Ferrari would leave an amazing impression on you two old dudes!!!


Great observation about Aha's Take on Me... I am old enough to remember, and totally see the similarities! This song has been a fave for a while, but I hadn't seen the video, so thanks for that! I'm also with Michael on the idea of going back for a day! Of course if it's the 70's, never mind. No offense. 😆


taylor swift - all too well (10 minutes version) PLEASEEE




lie to me is a great song and music video!


You guys should react to paramore if you 'd like more rock/punk. My recommendation for a song would be misery business


You should react to some of their other videos because this one didn't actually have them in it lol


Really recommend the ‘from the vault’ performances from 5sos. It shows a more rough and heavier side to them


Another great video! Would love to see u guys react to everything I wanted by billie eilish, or no time die performance at the brit awards, it's the song she did for the newest James bond movie


They are great live band, so i hope you guys check out their live performance. Like Easier Live From the Vault, or Teeth Live from the Vault, or their performance on Fire Fight Australia


Loved the reaction and would love for y’all to check out more 5SOS. Lie to Me and Ghost of You are two of my favorites. Jet Black Heart and Red Dessert are also great!


You should definitely check out more of their music! It's hard to pick just a few songs to recommend, but if you'd like to hear something heavier, Teeth (Live From The Vault) is fantastic, or if you'd like to hear something more fun and chill check out Wildflower, but you can't go wrong with most of their songs.


do more juice wrld


Love the band and your reaction! 5sos (pronounced 5-sauce) are 4 guys from Australia and have been together for 10 years. Luke (lead singer, rhythem guitarist), Michael (lead guitarist, vocalist) Calum (bassist, vocalist) and Ashton (drummer, vocalist). They have released 4 Albums with their 5th one on the way. Ashton and Luke have also released a solo album each. You should definitely react to more of them. I'd recommend Jet black heart live from their 10 year show (or just react to the entire show if you wanna make the 5sos-fam happy, but the music has also been uploaded seperately ).


I'm from Brasil, and I love your reactions so much... I'll love if you guys react more of taylor swift


I’d love for you guys to react to Harry Styles! Especially kiwi, sign of the times, medicine, or Anna!!!!


Please react to Burn from Juice WRLD it sounds amazing and is actually very deep. Love what you guys are doing keep up the good work.


If you love 5SOS you need to check out One Ok Rock Band they are Japanese and I think you will love them especially the singer


I need you to react to imagine dragons


Loved your reaction!
Could you please react to Demi Lovato - Dancing with the devil? I would be very interested in what you think about it. Greetings!


React to Juice Wrld a musician who died young and was most likely one of our best from this generation


react to juice wrld black and white music video


you should check out "parents" by YUNGBLUD


please please react to logic- 1-800


React to 5 Seconds of Summer - No Shame


Yall are gonna have a lot of fun going down the 5SOS rabbithole


please react to Holly Humberstone !!!!!


I recommend Post Malone's ''Goodbyes.'' The song is a bit older but it's amazing


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