TORTUROUS! Reaction to Taylor Swift – Blank Space

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Taylor Swift “Blank Space” off the “1989” album

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He is a model.


That's not a Jaguar, that's a Shelby Cobra 427 and it was not harmed, all special effects.


I love the word play that you can discover even after your 20th listen. Small things like, “I can make all the tables turn”. There are three levels to that one. The one in the story itself, like she’s turning the tables on her boyfriend. The jab at the media portrayal of her- she’s taking the things they say about her, turning it into art and throwing it back in their face. Finally, she’s saying she can make the “tables turn” with her music (like record player turn tables). It’s so clever and I love her for it.


I think the Apple is a reference to the Apple the wicked queen gave Snow White.


Starbucks lovers = long list of ex lovers


Not a Jag, it's a Shelby.


She is gay or bi at best. Most of the relationships are PR stunts only. That’s the true irony 😂😂😂😂😂


I enjoyed 😂this immensely!!

Remember the good old days of Top 40 radio 📻.


I love your videos




She is such a great songwriter. Her lyrics here are hilarious and deep at the same time.


Jaguar? I thought the reaction to the golf club attack meant you were car guys - Shelby Cobra 427 😢Even if it a replica (please, god, not an original) that it's an alloy bodied one means some serious money.
There was an XK140, I think, or maybe 150 at the end, though 👍😎


Love the Adam and Eve theory, something I’ve never thought about, great video!


No cars were harmed.


react to more taylor plss🥲


For a context if u don't know who's that guy in music video is sean o'pry a male model of course.


I've been in a few of thoughs .. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 lmao


the car is fine by way, she didn't hit it, it is all just the power of animation


Psycho 🙀 poor car


Drama queen 👸 Taylor she channels that energy along with her talent into women empowerment songs !! Note to man 👨 in her life don’t piss T off 👊🏾!!!


pls react to wildest dreams!! awesome song and music video


you guys need to react to the folklore album. its freakin amazing


love watching this


She said " got a long list of ex lovers " she didn't say Starbucks or star-crossed ps this song is her response to the media they always say she goes through men like a train and other crazy things saying she collects men etc so she wrote this song from the perspective of the woman the media thinks she is


I've seen this one a couple times already but the "what was it about Starbucks?" question always gets me 🤣🤣
The line isn't about "Starbucks lovers", the actual lyric goes "I've got a long list of ex lovers" lol

Love you guys.


I’d recommend turning on subtitles for lyrics in the future.


I love Blank Space, it's so funny ♥




I love this song


please react to all too well 10 minute version


all too well next!


Your instincts were correct, in that she's playing into all the media reports about her and her relationships. Brilliant song. Brilliant lyrics. Brilliant video. Brilliant artist.


Can't wait to see you guys reacting to All too Well from Taylor!!


Yeah it’s a commentary of the medias narrative of her dating life and the rumors surrounding why she had so many boyfriends. This was one of her best songs because she just leaned into it but yes it’s sarcastic.


😂 No cars were injured in the filming of this video 😂 (CGI)


You need to see her unplugged Grammy Museum performance of this song, Out of the Woods and more. She explains the inspirations for all these songs.


Been years since I've seen this video. It now reminds me of the Depp - Heard trial. LOL.


I don't think any of her exes have had good things to say about her and I wonder at what point she might consider that the issue might be her.


Hahahaha The sturbucks part got me 😆😆😆😆😆😆 this is old discussion guys
Even Taylor made joke of this


I suspect the apple is a reference to Snow White i.e. poison apple


Good reaction. Can you react to her other song "exile"? It's a duet with Bon Iver.


Taylor Swift said the car was fine the golf club didn’t do any damage it was all just special effects 😂


No cars were harmed in the making of that video CGI


This song is still played on pop radio everyday. Ever since this song came out, once I hear it it's stuck in my head the rest of the day😂


Listen to (ready for it……?) its so cool !


For about a year, I assumed that 'starbucks lover' referred to a 'made to order' lover. Then I found out it was 'long list of ex lovers' and I was kind of disappointed lol


"Boys only want love if its torture" she meant "boys" (iykwim) and not guys/men


Please react to some of her newer albums!!!


Yes, she’s poking fun/playing into the “crazy girlfriend” motif that the media always plays her out to be. She’s not actually like that 😂


please react to I bet you think about me by Taylor swift


Nice reaction! pls react to R3HAB & Jolin Tsai《Stars Align》next!


Don’t worry the jaguar wasn’t really smashed it was green screened!!😸


React to Nicki Minaj!!! 🔥🔥🔥


Please react to more of her newest songs! Perhaps Tolerate it or My Tears Ricochet (it's about how betrayed she felt with her old record label) ❤️


The sexism jumped out in this one guys, yikes


Please do Exile with Bon Iver Longpond sessions


so yeah the song is basically about this character that the media created about her being a “serial dater” who goes through life guy after guy and she’s clingy and insane and almost a threat to boys... she found that funny and turned it into a song. The line you thought was about starbucks actually says “got a long list of ex-lovers they’ll tell you i’m insane” a lot of people have gotten confused with starbucks tho 😂 and fun-fact there was no real damage done to the car it was all cgi


Hahahahaha they both fell into the “Starbucks” and “star crossed” line 🤣 i love that it still gets people. She’s saying “long list of ex lovers” essentially in this song she took EVERYTHING the media and haters were saying about her and made it into a satirically genius masterpiece of a song.


React to rep


Plz react more to her songs


what’s the thing with starbucks LMAO


I just found your channel the other day and I am binging all your videos! You guys should react to some Harry Styles. I’m not a crazy-big fan or anything, but he has some great music. He was part of a boy band called One Direction, and after they broke up, he shocked everyone by taking on this 70s rockstar aesthetic and making some really stellar pop music. His biggest hits are Watermelon Sugar, Adore You, and his newest song, As It Was. But, I would recommend his songs Golden and Sign Of The Times, the latter of which is notable for being one of the newest songs added to Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time List. Have a great day!


We need a lady gaga reaction pls


Can you guys react to more Ariana Grande?

I recommend POV from the Vevo live performance.


This guys would love Wildest Deams


You guys should totally listen to Wesleys Theory by kendrick lamar


pls react to more taylor songs and pls react to a kpop group called BLACKPINK!! u guys already did a reaction of Lisa ( u gus reacted to her song "LALISA" ) and she is one of the members of BLACKPINK!! i recommend the song "Ddu-du ddu-du" and "How you like that"


You should checkout another song by her titled "look what you made do"


I've been binge watching these reaction. I really love them. I THINK YOU SHOULD REACT TO DOJA CAT STREETS AND RULES


She had the maneater rep in the media at the time and she just decided to go with it and poke fun at their portrayal of her. This album,1989,was where she left her new country roots in the rear view and became a total pop artist. And she's pretty much ruled the industry ever since.


Just wanted to let y’all know the car bashing was all digital!!! They didn’t really do that, don’t worry 😱😱😱


Y’all should react to Ava Max. I like her song “Sweet but Psycho” ❤️


Could you please react to Harry Styles, less than a week ago he released a new song called As it was and other recommendations could be Adore You, Sign of the times, She, Only Angel, Golden or any of his songs


I love this song! Good react.


Please react to “All to Well (Taylor’s Version)”!!


Don't worry, the jag wasn't actually injured in the making of this video lol (the damage was CGI)


If you could React to The 1975 songs The Sound, UGH!, and Somebody Else i would be THRILLED 🙏💜


do kid cudi please


Basically what my mind was for 2 months in a coma after my injury in Milwaukee 7/19/23


Please react to exile by taylor swift feat. Bon iver


More taylor swiftttt


Harry styles Sign of the times plzzzzzzzz


React to Taylor Swift - All Too Well!!


We loved Taylor’s video! Do more of them pleaseeeeee 🤩🤩🤩


Champagne problems reaction 🥺♥️💚


That was a 1967 (I think) AC Cobra 427 (Ford) worth between 2 and 3 million. Some place (I do not remember where I found it) there is a video on how they did that. There were no Cobras damaged in the video.


More Tay Tay please


Man 2016 had some of the greatest songs. Blank space, shape of you, closer


React to lil uzi vert pleaseeeeee


5:25 I’m pooping my pants this is too funny I’m like wtf is he talking about Starbucks lol but this happens to me every single time I listen to a song so can’t judge too harshly hahaha. This is why I love this channel it’s so unfiltered and amazing keep up the good work two old dudes I will always be here for it


I forgot how downright poetic and beautiful this song was it’s such a self-deprecating love anthem protect Taylor at allllllll costs


1989 won album of the year at the Grammys of I’m not mistaken, a truly wonderful album, her first pop album and it banged hard


T swizzle in the house yessss what a nice throwback


React to the West Coast video of Lana del rey pleaseee


more of her pls. start with the folklore album


I think it a Cobra, not a Jag


not the starbucks thing again lmaooooooo


Please ya'll have gotta hear the I, Prevail cover of this song


Please react to WILDEST DREAMS by Taylor swift


Not a Jaguar, it’s a Cobra 😊 but the red car at the end is a Jag!


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