TRUTH! Reaction to Kanye West – Runaway (Extended)

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Kanye West “Runaway” (Extended Version) from the album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

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the goat. watch the runaway film.


People thought the ending part was a's literally Kanye's voice thru a vocoder. The video is based upon the Darren Aronofsky film "Black Swan".


These guys can easily find out when this song came out...2009ish


The meaning of the outro is amazing. It shows how the media and world view Kanye’s words. They never truly understand him so that’s how his words sounds to everyone else


I just listened to MBDTF for the 1st time and literally shed a tear during runaway.


its definitely old


React to father stretch my hands pt 2


Honestly might be a hot take, but this music video sucks cuz of the bleeps, idk if they have the clean version or no but I don’t like it


Man I swear censorship diminishes the value of an artist work.


Never thought Id see a Gordon Ramsay - Steven Tyler colaboration


y'know these old dudes are alright.


The music brought tears to my 51 year old eyes.


Guy with short hair on the left, you look EXACTLY like my uncle and it’s freaking me the fck out. 😂🤣


This song is ALL about woman and the transformation men are forcing upon them.


Who gotcha bitch?'s a work of arts


ya'll gotta do drake - forever ft. eminem kanye and lil wayne or just do some lil wayne songs. guys a beast.


Absolute GOAT!


Amazing and elegant video. I very truthful and understanding rendition from Kanye. The ballerinas were so amazing and insinc. Beautiful artistry Kanye...well done. This is talent 👏 🙌.


This version of the song is horribly censored. It ruins it really.


Full kanye journey, you will loved his music and maybe understand him as a person.


This is artistry


More Kanye!❤


You guys are REACHING.. this is pre Kim


I'm no expert music critic but I've yet to find the "genius" in Kayne west. I mean...meh...his songs are ok at best. Nothing mind blowing. Lyrically nothing special, musically not ground breaking, he can't sing, can't play an instrument (that I know of)...what am I missing?


an anthem for the cheaters. yeah we fucked up. yeah we regret it. yeah were scumbags. well regret it till the day we die


This is from 2010 so it’s very old


Its a shame you listened to the censored version.


You guys should react to the whole runaway film. It's amazing.


I envy the fact that people can still experience My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as an album for the first time, not gonna lie though, it still gets me in my feels


React to more kanye: all falls down, i wonder, flashing lights


You guys should react to praise god -Kanye west


This way before any divorce talk with Kim. Just saying cuz y’all were wondering. Great vid guys!! It was probably mostly in response to the Taylor Swift incident as well lol


2 old dudes is so funny as a brand 💀💀💀


If only these guys had a little bit info about what they talking about, this song not only broke barriers and paved way to a new music generation but also shows you kanye at his lowest and highest.




Robert Denaro…..


Runaway is referencing his girlfriend of 2 years at the time (amber rose) and its an apology of how he treated her


Thus is part of a short film MY DARK TWISTED FANTASY. 34 mins of JEEN-YUHS...oh yeah directed by KANYE WEST


I LOVE THIS, Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of this era PLEASE watch his “24” music video or his “all falls down” music video!


Ahh i wish it wasn’t the censored version of the song


You guys should watch the Full-Length Film this song came from.

Simply Brilliant and Weird.


The outro is absolutely brilliant. It’s speculated that his distorted voice represents how the media portrays him. Just how the distortion makes it impossible for us to understand his words, the media makes it impossible to understand who Kanye really is as a human being.


I consider Runaway to be the greatest song of this generation, an absolute favourite of mine. The lyrics, and especially the production tell a story, a deep message.


That's the beauty of Kanye's music, it ages very well...

This is from a 2010 Album, but the sound is perfectly suitable for recent times...


Should check out Satellite but Insane Clown Posse


react to heartless by kanye


Pinocchio's Song by Kanye West. A song he made after his mom passed away.


really gotta listen to uncensored shit if you keep doing this, really ruins the song listening to censored shit, music is supposed to be about expression, should never be censored.


@13:10 wow, I'm so surprised you guys understood Kanye's intentions on this project of elevating Hip Hop as a form of higher art. Many fans believe My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to be Kanye's magnum opus, in which Kanye uses rich orchestral sounds to express his relationship with the excesses of fame, juxtaposed with Kanye's own ideosyncracies


I wish you guys would react to the whole movie/ video for this project this was just a small part of a longer video , it actually made a video album for all of the songs on this album and it was so beautifully done . You guys should check it out .


Lil peep- crybaby


you should do the heaven and hell music video




Please watch the entire RunAway short film that was a part of his BEST album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This is an excerpt of the film.


Legendary music


Kanye dabbles ever so briefly in self-awareness xD


this is actually just 8 minutes of a 30 minute movie kanye made back when he released this album several years ago, its very ironic that the lyrics are mirroring his situation in his life right now with kim. but theres definitely more to the story than this scene if you can find the full movie music video.




The reason you felt that there is more is because this music video is part of a much longer 30 minute film covering the entire album of Dark Twisted Fantasy. Love the vid guys 🔥


Love the comment on using the visuals to elevate the song to art. Kanye has always wanted to be considered as an artist, not confined as a rapper/producer/etc. this song + this video = true, raw artistry. Subscribed!


need the dirty version where he cusses


I'm a little bummed it's the clean version because the unedited is so much better, but great reaction!


Please watch his live version in the Larry hoover concert because he adds a great part to the song at the end


crazy this song is nearly 12 years old now


this is the censored version btw


You gotta check out the cover runaway by a band called Silverstein! It’s so good


devil in a new dress!!!


You guys should watch the whole movie!


Please react to Ghost Town or Power by Kanye


wait.... Y'all haven't done Frank Ocean yet?!?!?!?

Self Control
Strawberry Swing
Forrest Gump


Can you guys react to Papercuts by MGK?


It would be awesome if you guys would do albums, there’s so many great rap albums that tell full stories you can’t really get from single songs.


React to "all the lights" by Kanye West


wow never remembered listening to the clean version really ruins it honestly


I love this channel!


You guys have to watch the full version to understand the context of the bird lady thing lol


Why are you listening to the clean version? Never had the same impact. Takes away from what the artist intended you to hear.




there's a song called lost in the world, another part of that same movie, very artistic by the way, please react to it too


you guys gotta listen to at least one of his albums


Great video guys!


Yall are definitely my new favs


React to All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar ft SZA.


Man I wish I could hear this for the first time again! Chills


More ye


You guys should react to Joji Run orJoji slow dancing in the dark.


this song is from 2010 guys


More Ye. Listening to his discography in order is a big undertaking but it's fruitful and puts everything in context.


Yes yes yes.

The muffled auto tune solo at the end, I look at it like, the excuses are tired, we've heard them all before, it doesn't matter what he's actually saying, because no one is listening at this point.


the outro always makes me tear up


Would love to see y'all react to Mac Miller or Gorillaz. You would love them.

Mac Miller - "Self Care" or "Ladders" from the Album "Swimming".

Or "Funeral" or "Colors and Shapes" from the Album "Faces".

Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc.", "Dare", "Clint Eastwood" or "Empire Ants".




There's a great 25 minute extended fan edit on YouTube as well.


Can you plz react to “ Kanye West - Moon “ hopefully u can thanks 🙏🏼


thank you thank you for this. i love that you got to experience it for the first time, his artistry, and what you guys picked up from this is golden. this song comes from, 'Runaway' a 'Full length Film'. Which was like a video rollout when he dropped his album, My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. Appreciate you and am excited to watch more vids.


Codiene Crazy by future please!


Smoking out the window - Bruno plz 🙂


Would love to see you both react to some Greta Van Fleet! Specifically 'Highway Tune' & 'Heat Above' are great starters to their music!


Please react to his new Heaven and He’ll music video


This film was directed by Kanye as well


You have to watch the short album Art movie... she's the Pheonix that fell from the sky


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