UNAPOLOGETIC! Reaction to Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Kendrick Lamar “King Kunta” from the album “To Pimp A Butterfly”.

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just ran across this video. as a longtime kendrick fan, (but also an old head like y'all) may i suggest you always get a copy of the lyrics to have when you review his songs? it would really help you to truly understand what a masterful lyricist he is. (i'm sure somebody already said this, but just in case nobody did....)


React to U by Kendrick or just react to the whole To Pimp A Butterfly album the album is one of the highest ranked album of all time not just in rap but music history


Soooooooh, new understanding that he was speaking on a recent visit from Drake to Compton. He really doesnt like that guy.


Kendrick is from Compton. And shot this in his hood with his people. 🔥 He’s also saying he’s the goat 🐐 and better than every other rapper lol


This man is a rapper. But way more than a rapper. He won a fucking Pulitzer Prize! No rapper has ever done that. Easily one of the greatest 3 album runs of all time. Three, pure, TEN star records. Legend.


Where's the other Old Dude? Been gone awhile.


Sounding Sandford and son


You should react to Sue Me by Wale, great song and concept and just a very underrated artist in general. He's a gem.


You should react to some more kendrick


Yams are slang for a female butt!


You should really consider watching some of his live performances which are incomparable, next level experiences - truly.

Begin with Ellen and Stephen Colbert.... he has 2-3 on Colbert. Phenomenal


Yams is soul food


Lee still on sabbatical or is Perry the 2nd old dude now?




damn Lee still gone?


Just having fun


You should react to Kendrick Lamar - Mother I sober… best song ever!


hey I've been watching for a long time now I'm wondering what happened to Lee or if he's ok? You don't have to answer just wondering if Lee is still ok




Will lee be back ? 🥲


What happened to the other dude?


You should listen to Red Bone by Childish Gambino


Where's Lee?


Can someone tell me why the other guy isn’t on the videos anymore??! Please! 😀


React to k-12 by melanie martinez please 🥲🥲🥲 4 day of asking


YAY! Love opening up this app & seeing yinz on the top of the page. Great video!❤️ Great song!❤️ So glad to see yinz today. 8 more days till my birthday, the 15th! I can't wait 🎁🥳🎂...I don't drink, so someone has to take a shot of Tequila for me for my birthday...🥰🤗


More Kendrick


funny thing by thundercat or these walls by ken. much love for ur reviews <3


Kendrick Lamar-U


Oh wow! Im super early


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