LOSING IT! Reaction to Paramore – This Is Why

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Paramore “This Is Why” from the album “This Is Why”.

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PLEASE react to Simmer by Hayley Williams (Paramore's lead singer). Her solo music is insanely good and way darker than anything the band has ever done.



much love for you old daddyyyy


This song is AWESOME... Paramore has been one of my favorite bands for so long and they still surprise me with great music...


Can you plss listen to bad bunny titi me pregunto


you should check out misery business from them. it’s so different and from their earlier days. probably their most iconic song.


I just noticed the picture on the LP in your intro… you and the back of Perry’s head. I DIED. Love it! Way better than my suggestion of putting a bag over his head. 😂


The band took a few years hiatus while Hayley made a solo project! In fact the guys from Paramore helped her produce and write it, but it's very different to Paramore music. Really good though! If you want to check it out it's called Petals For Armor. Maybe you should react to some songs from it!


I’d love to see y’all react to Viva Las Vengeance by Pan!c at the Disco. Good song and cool video 😊


Good afternoon all, hope yinz are having the best day ever! Please stay safe. So glad to see yinz here. Great song! Great video! Love it!🤗🥰


new album's out in february! and i got the same message as you out of the song/mv, great reaction 😉


Is the other guy from the past videos coming back to do reactions with you one day?


What happeneddd to your friend


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