REJECTION! Reaction to Juice WRLD – Robbery

Two Old Dudes reacting to Juice WRLD “Robbery” for the first time.

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999 💔 #LLJW 🕊️🙏


The meaning of the song is that, it's a big day for her and the funeral is for him since he doesn't have her anymore.


Listen to Legends by Juice.


React xxxtentaction songs


No sun glasses means everybody is blind... i mean in juice's view than no body can see or nobody is able to find out the girl's sin...
R.I.P Juice WRLD


I love Juice he put his heart out. And Mac Miller its sad🙏


fyi yall he made this song when he was 18


when will they do burn?


flaws and sins


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You guys really broke this video down properly good reaction. You guys are Awesome much love


Mac p he got shot


These guys are awesome!


Guys im loving your reactions make more jucie videos


Juice wrld burn plz ❤️luv yur reactions


Y’all broke down the video perfect haha! Juice is amazing! Wish he was still here


Wow I didn’t know that ab the 60s artist. That’s insane parallel.




if ur pausing the vid u can rewind the vid a bit because u missed some lyrics


More lil peep and juice wrld


Juice Wrld - Armed And Dangerous


PLEASE react to Codiene Crazy


"juice wrld sad v3" it's a hard listen.


Pls do more lil peep


Do they know that they man is dead?😭


Lil peep please love the juice video btw


hello two old dudes. Im back here to suggest one of my favorite songs again. You gotta get around to listening to ring ring featuring Clever. Im pretty sure there isn't a music video but its a very good song. Love the video


Y’all should watch the version of Robbery Juice re-wrote for his girlfriend and performed on Stage


Listen to legends


For Mac y'all will have to react to the hole albums ( Swimming and Circles)


Love what you guys do!! RIP Juice!! 999 forever!!


Hey, two old dudes love the reaction vids.
I think the meaning of the glasses at the ceremony is to “show no emotion”.


Listen to Sometimes, Dark Place or Goyard Bag. LOVE YOUR CONTENT!


I know this will probably never happen but if you could please react to Dawn Richard - Titans/James Dean’s Music video I would die a thousand deaths! Love your Channel! xo


gives me chills when he points to the sky saying he needs to go home..


Legends - Juice Wrld




Syphillis Juice wrld next please


do m3tamorphosis by playboi carti


Would love to see you guys react to wishing well


react to righteous by juice wrld


You should react to - So Done - The Kid Laroi, He throws in a tribute to juice wrld with doing the same taxi scene in the music video


Is my music trash?


so done- the kid Laroi


mac miller.... please do


Finally more juice wrld have been waiting so long


rip juice


U guys should react to XXXTENTACION...."17" album...RIP LEGEND


lil peep got sold laced stuff which caused the OD X was shot and juice did OD due to oxy and codeine just wanted to clear it up for you only 2 of them ODed and this is for other that didnt know


You guys should listen to the new version he sang live for his girlfriend. Gives the chills every time.


Please do more Juice WLRD reactions


More juice wrld


Love u guys


Do burn for a good music video of juice or any that are out


Hngover by AG Club has a great video, along with a great song


If u wanna react to a music video react to ASAP forever by A$AP Rocky


Can you REACT to I Love You So by The Walters this will make you cry


if you guys wanna watch an interesting music Video you might wanna give Aminé - Charmander a shot 😉


They look like Jack U ( Skrillex and Diplo )


Its a wedding for them, but a funeral for him, thats why hes in all black.


react to King Von


React to Nle choppa free style from LA leakers


please react to all too well (the short film) by taylor swift


Xxxtenacion Jocelyn Flores!!!


Can you react to “Ring Ring” by Juice Wrld


R.I.P juice, what an icon and one of the realest people in the music industry


Please do some more DOJA CAT. Her videos are amazing, visually


More juice


please do more WRLD juice reactions




since you guys are on the topic of rap, can you react to playboi carti & kid cudi's "Metamorphosis"?


Not all his songs are sad love songs, he was a much more broad artist


You guys should check out Rich Brian and his Sailor album. All the songs are good


React to godzilla


If you two old guys love good music videos and haven't seen this yet i highly highly recommend NF - Story


Want more juice reactions, this was so good 😯


Nf clouds- the music video is really freaking dope


JUICY 🧃🧃⏳⌛️






Rip juice Wrld man :/ I love his music, he seemed like such a nice guy. 999 forever!


Please do took her to the O by king von😂


listen to jake hill & josh a. please. any song would do, but id recommend "lost you in the fire" 🙂


Mac Miller is such a great artist! Good News. The Star Room. Self care. All great music videos of his. The first one released posthumously, star room years before he passed, and the self care video was released a couple months before he passed.


REACT: Boys Don’t Cry. New single of Brazilian superstar Anitta.


y'all should do "guilty conscience" by 070 Shake !!!


React - ANITTA Boys Don't Cry


Janis Joplin, Morrison and Jimmi Hendrix were all part of the 27 club meaning they all died before reaching 27 years old. Juice Wrld references this in his tribute song called Legends, to the two talented up an coming rappers Lil Peep and XXXtentacion after they sadly past away at the age of 21. In the song Juice says “what’s the 27 club?” “We ain’t making it past 21”. Sadly juice Wrld also never made it past 21. The song Legends by Juice is very hard hitting given the context of what we know now and I highly recommend you listen to it!


There is a great video of him singing this in his last live performance and he changes the lyrics for Ally also, I will stop commenting now 😂 love u guys


He wrote this for his fiancé Ally and almost always got her on stage to sing this to her and he would always get her on stage for flaws & sins 😩🖤💔


Deffo react to burn by juice, star shopping by lil peep and Jocelyn Flores by xxxtentacion, oooh and self care by Mac miller 🖤🖤🖤




We all know Lee and Michael love Doja Cat so react to Doja Cat “Woman”!
Who else wants to see another Doja Cat react??


Can you guys react to juice wrld - conversations? There’s a surprise at the end of the song. 😃


Pls react to boys don't cry - Anitta


Hey I really enjoyed watching this video I would have a request that you should do ... you should do a reaction to yellopain-when I grow up


Can you react to some Iann Dior? Maybe ‘Let You’ or ‘Shots in the Dark’, both awesome songs with awesome videos


Now you have to do all girl are the same by juice!!!!! An instant classic


Please do juice wrld righteous


Check out juice wrld already dead please


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